Friday, October 15, 2010


I have just been on the East Coast for a couple of days, attending the funeral of my friend Jacquelyn in CT.  It was a difficult time, as you can imagine.  As I was packing what I'd take with me to wear for the funeral, I considered what jewelry would help me through this time and give me some strength.

I decided that the necklace I'd wear was one I made a few years ago of a chair.  At that time, I had named the piece  "Repose" - which just seemed perfect for Jacquelyn as she was now at rest.

But then I realized that the chair was even more appropriate for Jacquelyn as it signified one of the important things she taught me, namely all about "sit down shoes".  J always had many pairs of wonderful shoes and if we were out shopping together, we almost always looked at shoes.  The important lesson I learned from J was that if you really loved a pair of shoes - and they were good price - then it didn't really matter if they were uncomfortable or not.  If you couldn't walk in them, or they were uncomfortable, you still bought them and then they became "sit down shoes" ie shoes you wear on those occasions when you know you will be sitting down most of the time eg a trip to the theater or opera or the such!

So no need to be put off by a little pain,  just buy the shoes if they are wonderful and they can be "sit down shoes"!

How many pairs of sit down shoes do you own?  I'll have to work a bit harder to get up to the number of pairs Jacquelyn had!!

Anyhow - one of the many things I learned from my friend who is now in repose.

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Sue McNenly said...

What a wonderful story. Now even I will remember your dear friend whenever I see or wear a pair of awesome shoes.