Thursday, October 21, 2010

A friend for Max the dog

I've just finished a commission for a lovely customer.  I think she found my work from the New York Times article - I should check that!

Anyhow she saw my bird jack-in-the-box necklace that I made quite a while ago now - and asked if I could make her a similar one with a dog inside.

She has a "goofy" golden retriever and sent me this lovely photo for inspiration of her Max with his girlfriend on the right hand side!

For my jack in the box pieces, I collaborate with Kim from JujuBeadz.  She makes lovely whimsical beads from glass and I like the contrast the colored glass makes with the silver.  She has closed her store for now, but I emailed her and asked her if she could possibly make a glass golden retriever bead for me, and also three red "balls" - Max's favorite toy - one for the box and two for earrings.  She kindly did and they turned out perfect - even with a little tongue hanging out like in the photo!!!

And so I made the little silver box, put Max on a spring - and now, when you pull on the red ball,  he enjoys surprising you by jumping out of the box to see you!!!!


Kim also made two extra beads - one bone shaped one and one paw print one in red, so they were added to the clip on earrings!!

Doesn't he look a happy doggie!!!  What a happy jewelry set!!!  Thanks so much Nancy. I hope you love and get a lot of laughs from Max's new friend.


Joy Funnell said...

Love um, they are great. That Jack in a Box idea is so good and unique. I really love Labs as well!

Nancy Piller said...

Oh Ruth - my new Max jewelry is even more impressive in reality. It felt like Christmas came early.
Thank you again for making such beautiful jewelry and thank you so much for making the process so easy.
I am so glad I found you - and yes it was because of the NY Times article. Thank you also for including a card in my "present". I'll keep it in my wallet, since I am sure when I wear Max people will want to know who designed such fun, joy and beauty.

Hope to order more in the future,