Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Go with the flow

It's good sometimes to go against the tide and cause some ripples, but then other times, you just need to go with the flow.  The thought of going with the flow always reminds me of our dealings with immigration officials.  And we've dealt with quite a few as we went from UK citizens to green card holders to US citizens.  With officials like that, I often had to remind my husband to just shut up, don't try and correct them or say it doesn't make sense or isn't logical..... just go with the flow.

And so this new necklace is a reminder to go with the flow...just keep on swimming with the current at certain times of your life and don't try to cause disruption all the time.  Save those times to go against the current for when it's really necessary and will have some effect!

Hope you like my little fishy and his colored water.


Jennifer said...

Sorry for the immigration hassles, but your little pendant is very cute. How did you do the water? Is it resin? concrete?

Ruth said...

Hi Jennifer. The water is actually prismacolor pencils! I was quite surprised how solid a color you can get with it and that it stays put.