Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday's Spotlight - A useful tip and Chaos in Lincoln


This week I'd like to start off the blog post with a tip. We have a winter jasmine plant outside our house. We've had it for well over 20 years and it covers most of the front of the building. It is just beginning to flower now - small yellow flowers - and lasts for some time giving a nice splash of colour during late autumn. Even in summer, when there are no flowers, its bright green adds to the summery sight.

However, the spiders simply adore this jasmine. They cover it with fine net curtains of web throughout the year. These spiders, who also like the warmth inside the house, from time to time, have managed to get inside and  indulge themselves.

Now here is where conkers come into their own. No health and safety rules apply for this usage of conkers!!!!  Just put a few along a window sill.  "Hey presto !" Your spider problem will be solved. Beware, though, you must change them each year -- conkers not spiders!!!(Editors note: check here for the truth about spiders and conkers!).

Lincoln was in chaos last weekend and the same applies this weekend, although, hopefully, not next weekend. The city has a number of railway level crossings splattered all around it; not least in the very centre itself. Here we have a level crossing going right over the main high street.

This causes quite a bit of chaos but nothing compared to what it was like last weekend and will be like this weekend.

Repairs are being undertaken on the main London to Edinburgh railway line between Peterborough and Doncaster. All the trains that use this busy  line are being diverted at Peterborough to go through Spalding, Sleaford and Lincoln before rejoining the main route at Doncaster. This adds about 1 1/2 hours to the normal journey time.  Chaos results in the city centre as the crossing gates close so many more times and traffic causes chaos as it snaking through the city's inadequate streets.

City centre shopkeepers complained last weekend that there was a 40% drop in the number of Saturday shoppers and that is likely to increase this weekend. We are fortunate because we are able to avoid the crossing but not everyone can enjoy this luxury. Other plans in the pipeline are to divert all goods traffic off the main route and run it from Peterborough to Doncaster viaLincoln, thus speeding up the mainline passenger transport. At one time Lincoln had a bridge taking pedestrians over the railway line. Some years ago citizens woke up to find this perfectly good bridge had been taken down. Now half the citizens are cut off from the city centre.  If you are a train spotter there is one bit of good news.  Normally you can gain access to Lincoln Central station only if you are a passenger.  Non passengers are kept off the premises.  For this weekend only, though, train spotters will be allowed on the station without charge providing they sign a note saying they are only there for spotting purposes!!!!!!!!!!!

Pam and I have had a couple of days with our elder daughter in London this week. More about that, though, next week. However the photos this week are from a trip I made to Covent Garden. More news of his trip next week.


Joy Funnell said...

Ooh we love The Crusting Pipe! Haven't been there for ages, nice to see some photos of it.

PeterB said...

Oh Joy, you must have really good eye sight to spot "The Crusty Pie" on that photo. It wasn't open when I was there although I wouldn't be surprised if the three people chatting were staff or potential visitors. Glad you liked your photographic visit to Covent Garden. A few photos of London's Strand in this week's blog.