Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weekly Bird in the Hand

Here's this week's "bird in the hand" - the things I'm grateful for:

Photo by thefixer
  • Good books!  As I spent two full days flying to and from the east coast this week, I am definitely grateful for a good book!  I am reading the last in the Stieg Larsson Trilogy - The girl who kicked the hornets nest - and just loving it - like I did the others.   I highly recommend them.
  • Happy memories
  • Natural pest control - we saw a great egret catch and eat a gopher in the garden this week, and last week we saw a bobcat catch and eat a gopher!  Beware gophers!  Now if only we could find a natural predator for the wild turkeys as they are eating way too many grapes.

  • Good weather - our main grape harvest is Tuesday next week and then we'll finish up the harvest a few days later.  This warm weather has been good in pushing up the sugar levels so today they are at 24 Brix which should do just fine for harvest.  I'll post about the harvest on Tuesday.
Hope you've had a good week too.

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