Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cathedral Rose Window jewelry

I made some more cathedral rose windows last week - this time making larger earrings than my original pair. These earrings are 3.5 cm diameter (approx 1.5 inches).

The design is the rose window at the East end of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco where I sing every week. I'm really pleased with how the color from the anodized aluminum shines through them, giving the illusion of stained glass.


I also made a pendant.  I've strung it here on 5 cables but also am waiting on a chain for it, as I think, with it's size, it will be nice on a longer chain too. 
And here's the set: 
If you are interested in rose window design.....the geometry of the design of this window at Grace is the same as the rose window in the Gothic cathedral of Chartres, France - but the final design is actually different. Here are the two so that you can compare -  and for more geometry, here is a link to a detailed comparison of the two windows
Chartres Cathedral Rose Window
Grace Cathedral Rose Window
Maybe I should try the Chartres window next......

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Suzanne McNenly said...

I'm really enjoying seeing your anodized creations. It's a method that really appeals to me, but not really sure if it fits with my work. I'll live vicariously through you:)