Friday, June 3, 2011

Sunshiny days

We had a sunny day!!! Yippee!  Yes, it's been a little grey and rainy here in England but our final day was warm and sunny.  There we were, out in only shirt sleeves! No jackets or raincoats or sweaters....We had a lovely day in Broadway, doing a bit of shopping. Broadway is such a pretty Cotswold town - so picturesque.

But we fly back to California today after a busy couple of weeks. It's been a great trip and we've enjoyed all our visiting and catching up.

We're not sure whether we'll be flying back to sunshine as it's been drizzly in CA recently too!  Maybe my sunshiny bangle will help bring the sunshine out? What do you think? I showed you the pink and blue ones last week and this is the third in the summery series.

The three different colors make me think of a sweetie shop....quite mouth watering. What do you reckon?

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vilterietje said...

have a safe trip home:) glad you enjoyed the stay in england!