Monday, June 13, 2011

Photo Silly Class - Day 1

I've started a 14 day workshop today entitled "Photo Silly".  Last year I did a similar class called "The art of silliness" which was about drawing without worrying.  The Photo Silly class encourages you to look at the world a little differently through your digital camera and to bring more photography into your art, and more art into your photography. We'll also explore the technical side of digital cameras too.  There is a flickr group all set up for the class so we can share our work and get some feedback and when you sign up, you get access to a blog and all the pdf worksheets too.

It is a fun workshop - all very light-hearted and non-pressurized.  If you fancy giving it a try and learning more about your camera, you can still sign up. The two week online class is $35 and if you miss a day, they keep the worksheets up for a couple of months so you can do them later.

Photo silly class day 1. Photo taken with eyes shut
Today's assignment was to find somewhere where it is possible to move around a little and study the space for 5 minutes. Then, with our eyes closed, we were to take 20 photos - keeping our eyes shut the whole time, not peeking in between.

When the photos were all taken, we look at each one for source and direction of light, composition, camera angle and how that affects the scene, etc, and then select only ONE photo and put that on the flickr site.

It was interesting how in those "studying" 5 minutes, I saw far more interesting things that I had first thought. How often do we actually really look at things around us for 5 minutes?

My single photo is shown above. I like the combination of both dead and alive daisy heads in the photo (apart from the dead heads telling me I need to do some gardening!). I also like that the top right hand corner doesn't have much going on, just soft greens.

Let me know if you join in!  Go on! It'll be fun, and each assignment is short.


meherio68 said...

I find your silly photo very clever! The compisition is brilliant— two equivalent triangles, one of green, one of daisies, of of shade, one of light. Inspiring!
I have plans to attend a class that seems to be about being cleverer with your digital camera. This sounds like better fun.

Ruth said...

Thanks Agathe! Go on, join this class! It is fun!

Anonymous said...

This is really interesting and sounds like a lot of fun.