Friday, June 24, 2011

Merry go round - Be inspired by another "merrier's" photo

It's the last Friday of the month, so join us on our merry go round for a quick spin.  The merry go round is where a group of 11 artists/craftwomen link together around the world and tell you a little about their art and craft, through blogging on the same topic.

This month's topic follows on from last month's topic.  Last month, we each had to choose a photo that interests us - whether taken by ourselves or by someone else, and then describe what attracted us to the photo.  Each photo was then "assigned" to another person from the merry go round and they had to use it as their inspiration to create something. 

I was selected to create something using inspiration from Monika's photo. Here it is:

The photo appealed to her because of it's "simplicity" - in "'color, pattern and design".....there was "no beginning and no end"...... it looked "effortless"....and "full of life"......"calm", "organic", "natural" with a "bit of drama".

As soon as I saw the photo it reminded me of a heart beat - and then all her descriptions of it seemed to go so well with that too - for example the "full of life", "effortless", etc. And so I created a bangle entitled "In a heart beat".

I switched the light and dark colors, and continued the EKG all around the bangle.

I'm pleased with how it turned out.  I find I can view the bangle in a couple of different ways too:    firstly, yes it looks like an EKG; secondly you can also see it just as a line pattern; and thirdly, I also see it as a cityscape.  What do you think?

I thought of a couple of names for it, but went with "In a heart beat"  as if this was given as a gift, the title has a lovely sentiment of  suggesting that the giver is always there for you - instantly. And you know how much I like my creations to have a sentiment attached to them!!

I really enjoyed this "challenge" we gave ourselves.....looking at something that someone else likes and finding our own inspiration and unique style in it!

I hope you'll take the time to see how the other merriers' photos inspired each of us. Samantha gets to create something from my bald eagle photos.   We all live in different places around the world, so time differences may impact when we all get our blog post up.

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Or else you can click on the blog hop below.  If you are a merry go round participant, please add your link if it's not already included. You can then copy the code and put it on your blog post too.


Vilt à la Kim said...

you made something which fits really well to the picture. I love the heartbeat thought , but I agree I also see a city skyline in there...

Vilt à la Kim said...

you made something which fits really well to the picture. I love the heartbeat thought , but I agree I also see a city skyline in there...

meherio68 said...

Seriously beautiful work— what a way to wear your heart on your sleeve!

Ruth said...

Thank Kim and Agathe. That's another good title for the bangle too Agathe "your heart on your sleeve"!

Laura said...

Amazing! I thought of a 'lifeline' when I saw the photo, but the heartbeat is perfect. Nice work!

ArtMind said...

I think I loved this photo the best of all - it's such an inspirational image!
You made a fab piece, Ruth!

Florcita said...

that is a very cool interpretation of the photo. I really like the bangle and yes, one can see it in different ways! Very nice.

Anonymous said...

wow, what an uber edgy piece you have made based on the photo! I would have never thought of this pattern, but yes, now I see it there!

Vintage is for Lovers said...

Your bracelet is so beautiful! And I love the sentimental meaning of love inherent in its' design. Wow. xo Samantha

painted fish studio said...

!!! i love the interpretation, and the bangle? genius!

elder.jscott said...

Wow, that's fantastic. As a pediatric cardiac nurse I would love to wear a thumb ring with an EKG pattern on it!