Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weekly Bird in the hand

Saturday is here again!  The weeks go so fast.  Here are the things I'm grateful for this week; my bird in the hand

Photo by whologwhy
  • The life of John R.  He died earlier this week.  A lovely friend from Sonoma. We will miss him. And Sonoma will miss him too as he gave a lot to the community - especially in his work with youth.
  • The life of Doris, my friend Jill's mum, who also died this week.  I went to her lovely memorial and tribute service this afternoon.
  • The roses.  You may hear Californians moaning about the wet spring this year, but all that rain has brought the best show of roses.  Some of our bushes must have over 200 blooms on each one! I will take some photos next week. They are stunning.
  • Camerata - the group I sing with at Grace Cathedral.  We finished our singing for the summer with a lovely service last Sunday. It's been a great season.  Lovely people and lovely music. 
  • The excitement of planning a trip. We are hoping to go to New Zealand in January and so this week I've found some time to read up all about it.  Still lots more to read, but I'm excited already about going!
  • Finally getting our internet connection back again! It went out on Sunday and the repair finally seemed to work by Friday! Comcast spent a lot of time on it and, maybe foolishly, I'm hoping they have really sorted it out this time.  
  • New creative ideas using new materials!
  • Green smoothies, green smoothies and green smoothies! I'm really into them right now. They taste like fruit smoothies but are packed with healthy green leaf veg too. A tasty way to get fruit and veg easily each day!

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