Wednesday, June 8, 2011

23/52 Bird a week - Dorothy

This week, I'd like you to meet Dorothy.  To her friends, she is known as Dotty.  I'm sure you'll be her friend soon, so feel free to call her Dotty.

Dotty working on her tan
She is a lovely bright bird, but finds that she just needs to keep having a rest today and take the weight off her feet.  She's exhausted with all the feather sorting, food shopping, and taking care of the nest. Phew! 

To be honest, she is a little fed up of the feather sorting right now.  This spring has been so wet and windy here in California that she is forever getting caught in a shower and her feathers blown out of place. While a shower is nice, it does take quite a bit of maintenance afterwards to get all those feathers back in place - especially the teal dot ones!  Normally at this time of year, she needs to find a shady spot to keep cool - but not this spring!

A shady spot to take a nap

But she's found lots of sunny spots in which to dry off - when the rain eventually stops!

And hopefully spring will finally arrive here and she can relax a little and not have too many bad feather days!

Dotty's favorite seat is in the red roses.
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1 comment:

Lorena Angulo said...

She is super cute !!!
Love her bright colors !!
Hola Dorothy !