Sunday, June 5, 2011

Meet my followers: Anna

Today I'd like to introduce you to Anna Hull, commonly known as "The Bunny Maker". I first "met" Anna when she joined the merry go round several years ago.  Then she got super busy and went onto other things. At that time, her business was called Half an acre and she made brightly colored wooden fun things. There were no bunnies then.

Fred the love bunny

Anna lives in West Sussex, UK, with her husband and three boys.  One of her boys loves bunnies and has 42 of them. One day she made a bunny for him out of a sock....and then made another....and then the other boys wanted one....and then their friends did...and then Widget and friends were born! Widget was one of the first bunnies she made and he got his very own blog to tell stories about his life living at The Warren, and all his friends.

Anna has her own website - Widget and Friends, a blog - The Bunny Maker and also a store on Folksy.

Bunnies going to a new home
The bunnies are well rounded animals and can frequently be seen pursuing various activities:

Cellist bunny

Baritone bunny

The individual bunnies come with some help for the new owners, for example, Loopy and Scoop the twins are not identical twins.  "Loopy likes Hula Hoops and Scoop likes Cheerios.  Neither food item is terribly good for the bunnies and the new owner should look to change their diet somewhat."

I hope Widget and his friends have cheered up your Sunday!   Nice to meet them all Anna.


vilterietje said...

i realy enjoyed your blog of het story, lovely bunnies:)

Sue McNenly said...

I'm really enjoying this series of posts. I feel like you are doing the hard work of finding and introducing us to great artists. Thanks:)

Ruth said...

Thanks Sue. glad you enjoy it.