Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weekly bird in the hand

Just arrived home last night - to wet weather!  We're not used to that!

Here is this week's things I am grateful for - my "bird in the hand":

Photo by Dawn Huczek
  • All the family and friends whom we caught up with in England, and had fun visiting with.  It was a great trip - full, but full of good times
  • Seeing all the beautiful bright red poppies in the fields
  • Finding a new artist and buying one of her paintings - Sasha Harding
  • Safe transatlantic flights
  • Being met at the airport by Angie and Marly
  • The lovely welcome Harold (my parrot) gave us on our return. He was so cheery and welcoming.  It was obvious he has had a great time with Angie and Marly
  • A good night's sleep
  • Angie and Marly for looking after Harold and Birdland
  • Buying a couple of new skirts in wonderful fabrics
  • Seeing a pair of swans with their cute fluffly little signets
  • Trying out clay pigeon shooting and target practice with an air rifle!
  • Enjoying the picturesque village of Broadway
Hope you've had a great week too.


vilterietje said...

are you glad to be home? there will be a lot of work waiting for you in the vineyard:)

Marly and Angie said...

We loved spending time with you and taking care of Harold while you were away. Thanks for the opportunity! Angie and I are REALLY going to miss you, John, and Harold!

Ruth said...

Thanks Riet. The weather is so cold and rainy that little has happened in the vineyard since we left. It's not looking too good - we need some warm weather soon!

Marly and Angie - Miss you already xx