Monday, June 27, 2011

Flower filled days

Isn't it just a wonderful time of year!  Everywhere you look there are flowers.  All different colors, all different varieties, all different sizes, all different scents....  How cheering it is to have flower filled days.

And so today's new bangle is flower filled too, in bright yellow with resists used to create flowers on the aluminum and a silver flower attached.

The flower is modeled loosely after plumerias.  Not local flowers, but their overlapping petal design is an important feature when sculpting in silver, so the overlapped petals have strength.

The silver flower is riveted on, but it still spins, so you can fiddle with it, as you wear it!  A little toy to play with on your bangle!

I hope your days are flower filled too.


vilterietje said...

love it, so bright and colourful, miss a birdie hihi:)

Sue McNenly said...

Beautiful...and I love the spinning aspect. I'm a 'fiddler'. We'll all be interested in your adventures at the farmer's of luck.