Sunday, June 26, 2011

Finally some sunshine in the Vineyard

BY GUEST BLOGGER JOHN (Ruth's husband!)

After a rather miserable April and May with cool temperatures and rain, we finally got some sunshine on June 6th.  Now, some 3 weeks later, we have been blessed with sunny skies and a few quite hot days. This has produced fast growth in the vines with the established Merlot up over 6' high and even the Godello now at around 5'.

Merlot vines now over 6" high
We re-grafted some of the Godello as the original grafting produced poor results. The re-grafts were done in May and we are now hoping for much better success. Many of the more established Godello seem to have very little fruit which is disappointing. A farmers life, as I'm sure you must have heard by now,  is not an easy one!!

Latest re-graft of Godello showing a green shoot on the right hand side, in the binding
The very cool and wet spring has given rise to predictions of a late harvest with a low yield but we remain optimistic that this year will give us plenty of grapes.

Godello vines showing vigorous growth
Right now we haven't got a buyer for the Merlot grapes but do have a few ideas so that we can sell them once again and, with luck, at a decent price. The Godello is part of a joint venture with 2 well known winemakers and it will be at least another year before we see how that works out.

The vines have been dusted with sulfur to prevent mildew and next month should see more growth.


Beadwright said...

Very nice post. Love the photos. Yeah I am with you on the winter like spring. Oops summer. LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks Beadwright
You know it's raining today and it's June we are having strange weather this year
I hope this rain doesn't cause any problems for the grapes