Tuesday, June 14, 2011


When we were back in England, the elderflowers were all in bloom. Elder trees are such pretty trees with nice white flowers in spring turning later in the year to dark elderberries. 

In England, we make a lot of use of elderflowers and you can find it flavoring many different drinks, jams and desserts.  I rarely see elderflowers used in the US however.  Do you?  I remember making elderflower cordial when I lived in England, and as we drove around the country lanes on our last trip, we saw quite a few people gathering the elderflowers.

If you haven't ever tasted elderflowers, you should. It's a lovely flavor - very light and, in a way, feminine - with a slight touch of citrus....  One of the nicest ways to taste it is as an alcoholic liqueur!! There are two that I know of:  One is made by Chase Vodka - who are based in Herefordshire, and another is a French product called St Germain.  They are delightful on their own, but gorgeous with a little champagne!!!

This bangle isn't quite the colors reminiscent of elderflowers, but I love the cluster style flowers on it, like the elderflowers! To be truer to the elderflowers, it should be light in color  - but maybe the next one will be!  For now - this is the berry version of elderflowers, in bold colors!  Look out for the lighter version soon!!!

Hope you try some elderflowers soon! Let me know.

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Sue McNenly said...

I also love those 'cluster' type flowers. I didn't know that's what they were. Lovely piece. It would also be great in black and white as the design is so perfect.