Monday, June 6, 2011

Sad Parrot

Yes, we have a sad Harold today as Angie and Marly have left us!  They are heading back to Waterloo.  John and I are sad too :-(

They've been staying here at Birdland for the last three weeks, both while we were here and also taking care of Harold while we were away in England.

We've all enjoyed their company and tonight's cocktail hour seems empty and quiet without their chat, smiles, laughter, and singing to Harold.

It seems that Harold really won them over and likewise, he has become quite taken with them both.  Whenever they came in the room, he got so excited!  He squalked for quite a while when they left....but we have told him that they'll come back again another day - so hopefully that will help him calm down a little.

It's been fun to have friends to share my studio with.  They've made some aluminum bangles, and today tried tap and die work.  I look forward to seeing how they use the techniques in their work in the future.

Thanks for your friendship sweeties. It's been wonderful having you here. xxxxx


vilterietje said...

i can understand the parrot: as soon as he feels comfortable with someone, they leave:)
i would be sad too!
when my neighbours have a day out i look after their dogs and parrot ollie, and as soon as i get into the kitchen he starts shouting and i love it!!!
love, riet:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking us with you to was great fun.

Ruth said...

Thanks for your comments. Glad you enjoyed hearing about my UK trip.

And how nice that you take care of Ollie, Riet. What sort of parrot is he?

Marly and Angie said...

Aaahh...we are so sad, too...we really miss the three of was so hard to say goodbye. Why can't CA(Canada) and CA(California) be closer to each other? Wouldn't it be great to create together and enjoy each other's company more often? Thanks so much for being such wonderful hosts and for sharing Birdland and Harold with us!!!