Monday, February 7, 2011

Not an easy adjustment home!

Since we got back from San Miguel on Friday night, things haven't gone exactly smoothly. You could even say it was a little frustrating!

For example:
  • the phone didn't work
  • the internet didn't work
  • the tv didn't work
  • John's car didn't work
  • the gate didn't work
  • and a family of mice had moved in.
By this afternoon 4/6 of these are now sorted so I guess we are making progress!

The good news was that Harold is fine and happy and the photo above isn't him looking frustrated and petulant!!!!

Yesterday I was back singing at the cathedral again - so that was nice. And today I spent most of the day in my studio catching up on some orders that had come in while I was away.  I got quite a few mailed out so that was good.

So I guess we'll be all sorted again soon!


meherio68 said...

I do hope the other 2/6 get sorted out quickly now.

I have a very vivid but not so nostalgic memory of coming back home from a lovely holiday, afew years ago, and finding the corridor ceiling on the floor.
Very vivid, really. And not nostalgic, truly.

vilterietje said...

i'm so glad that you, you're husband and harold are still functioning hihi:)
it's good to read that you yake things as they come, love, riet

Lorena Angulo said...

Welcome Home Ruth !!!
I am sure Harold is happy to see you !

Ruth said...

Thanks for your support and encouragement! The ceiling incident sounds awful Agathe! Guess we'll settle in more and more each day!