Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Unusual birds in the vineyard

I saw a couple of unusual birds in the vineyard today and managed to get a quick photo. Not sure if you've seen them in your area too?

Anyhow, they told me that as it was a little cooler today,  that they could do with warming up, so I've put them in the kiln for a couple of hours and we'll see how they do!

I wonder who else is out there...... ???  Keep looking!


Marly Penner said...

Welcome home, Ruth! It's been so much fun following your adventures in Mexico! Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday and discovered more talents through your art and sculpture courses. Beautiful! Love your unusual birds. They look like have lots of personality. Hope they enjoy their warm up time and come back for another photo shoot!

Patty Biermans said...

I have enjoyd your story about Mexico and are curious what this does with your new work. The birds are a joy to look at. Hugzz...Peebee