Wednesday, February 23, 2011

8/52 Bird a week challenge - Henry the Heron

Here's Henry - this week's bird of the week - part of my year long challenge to make (at least) 52 different birds this year.

Henry is a heron, but I'm sure you can tell that from his long legs and bill.  His legs are wiggly too - not sure that is a distinctive feature all herons however :-D

He loves to go fishing in ponds and small lakes.  If you see him at one near you - be sure to shout out "hello Henry".  He'll be so delighted.  You can see him here, looking carefully for small fish or frogs:

He also enjoys walks in fields looking for gophers, frogs, mice and other small creatures.

Henry - and herons in generally, tend to fish and walk alone so although they may appear a little antisocial, it's not true. In fact, Henry favorite place to hang out is around your neck on a little chain.  How friendly is that!

There are a good number of us taking this bird a week challenge, so if you want to see what the other birders are making this week, click on the links below:


Patty Biermans said...

I think that Henry is a very lovely heron! He looks very happy in his little pond but a little lonely. Maybe you should make a Henrietta for him? Hugzz..Peebee

florcita said...

As I said on Flickr, Heron is very cool...

Joy Funnell said...

He is lovely, and so is his 'environment'! :)

Joy x

Ruth said...

Thanks Mariana. And I appreciate your comment about the setting! I'm hoping to do more like that - like 3D illustrations!!!

Henrietta is a lovely idea Peebee. I'll chat to Henry about her :-D

Ruth said...

Thanks Joy. Off to see your blog post now about your fluffy chicks!