Thursday, February 24, 2011

Green Glint

Here is my latest pair of color anodized aluminum earrings entitled "green glint".  I think glint is an underutilized word!  It means "ray of light" - so I figured naming jewelry is an ideal opportunity to use words that I don't tend to use in everyday speech.

I love the dark smokiness of the grey/black with the brightness of lime green. And the little bit of silver color exposed on the edges seems to frame them nicely.

I made a simple pendant to go with them.

Hope your day had a glint in it somewhere.


Lana said...

LOVE these!

Ruth said...

Thank you my dear.

vilterietje said...

the most beautiful combination:)
ps: feel free to let your parrot join the bunch, we just sing one note more each carnaval. love, riet:)