Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekly Bird in the hand

Saturday rolls around quickly! Here's this week's bird in the hand - the things I'm grateful for:

Photo by Andy Cardiff
  •  My new studio!!!!! :=D
  • John for helping me move into my new studio this week....up and down the attic ladder, carrying so many things.... buying new shelves....helping me move out and in all the furniture.
  • John for being my Valentine.
  • Meta's surgeons and hospital carers - Meta, a friend of mine, just had surgery on a brain tumor and she is now home and doing well. I'm looking forward to seeing her on Tuesday.
  • New creative ideas.
  • Rain! 
  • Warm dinners on a cold evening - like last night's Ginger spiced beef.
  • Lunches and dinners out with friends.
  • Good magazines. The latest edition of "Uppercase - a magazine for the creative and curious" just arrived this week and it's very inspirational.  It's more like a book than a magazine.  And smells really good too! How many magazines do you know that smell good???? It's subscribing just for that :=DDD
  • Getting back into my aqua aerobics class and reconnecting with people there.
  • Good movies. Loved "The King's Speech".
Hope you've had a fun week too.  What were the highlights?

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vilterietje said...

what a great busy week! always looking forward to your weekly bird in the hand, maybe an idea for next years challenge? love, riet:)