Friday, February 18, 2011

Bird Signs - The Wren

Last week my chosen bird from my "Bird Signs - guidance and wisdom from our feathered friends" was the owl.  It was interesting that I often woke up in the night this past week to hear an owl hooting close by.  I did try to look carefully at things during the week and gain greater discernment about things on my mind...

This week the card I picked is the Wren.

Photo by aussiegall

HEALING COLORS: Brown, white
MESSAGE: Success is believing that you make a difference in the world

The owl's colors last week were brown, white and yellow....Maybe I need to get over my dislike of brown??

Photo by Gidzy

The wren is a tiny little backyard bird with an upturned tail. I love their little tails - such a distinctive sign of a wren. The house wren has 130 different songs in its repertoire and the Carolina wren sings all year long.  Guess I should do lots of singing this week :=D

Wrens are busy, energetic birds who build their nests in just about anything - a hat, mailbox, tin can. The male will build up to 5 nests to see if the female likes his work.  Hmm... don't think I'm looking for a new house right now...but I am just moving into my studio.  Guess it's time to make sure it's all just as I want it.

Jumping Fairy Wren by dicktay2000
Wrens are persistent, especially when building nests and are often seen trying to fit long twigs through the nest hole until they give us.  This suggests "don't give up".  If something doesn't fit, find another way to make it work.  Maybe this relates to fitting everything into my new studio?  By trying a different approach, success will come?

I love the message of the wren : Success is believing that you make a difference in the world. That will be my focus for the week...along with singing lots, and not giving up. 


Glassprimitif said...

Wrens nest in our garden every year - they are such a delightful little bird. Thanks for the post - an enjoyable read. Jo

Vickie Hallmark said...

I love wrens. I just put a blue fairy wren in my Bird a Week challenge piece! Serendipity.

Patty Biermans said...

I love the bird but I don't know what the dutch name for it is. Can you tell me the latin name so I can look it up here? Thankx. hugzz..Peebee

Ruth said...

Hi Jo
Good to see you here. Yes, I love seeing wrens in the garden and their tiny little nests.

Ha Vickie! I'll have to go and take a look at your fairy wren. I'd never heard of a fairy wren until I found my photo for the blog.

Peebee, the latin name is Troglodytes troglodytes. "trogle" means "hole" and "dyein" means to enter. It refers to them tending to enter small crevices in search of food! End of today's Latin lesson :=D Let me know if you get any of the species.