Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Three dimensional encaustics

I took another encaustics class yesterday - this time focusing on sculptural and three dimensional encaustics.  It was interesting and got my mind buzzing.

I didn't make anything that I liked - but that wasn't really the goal - it was more just try and little of this and that and see how it goes.

We tried three different approaches. The first one was taking an encaustics type "painting" and peeling it off the board.  It is necessary to have many layers of wax built up so that it is quite thick. From the "peeling", you can then cut the wax into pieces and roll it or shape it - or use it whole.  We made a bowl shape - which was good as the top and bottom of the peeling were so different - so the bowl shows them both off.

The second approach was dipping strips of paper in wax and then forming them into simple shapes and then painting them with the colored encaustic wax. I tried a few simple shapes but I think I'd like to try some of this where the paper is already formed and then dipped. That way, there would be a little more control over the shape. The results aren't very good - but here's a photo anyhow.

 The final technique was the least successful. It utilized the bandage type fabric that is used for making casts for broken legs and arms.  Basically a strip of that was soaked in water and draped over a bowl and left to dry. Then we added wax and then the colored encaustics.  The results didn't look good and neither the instructor nor I really liked how the color played with the fabric.

But it was all good to give it a go.  Another few new techniques under my belt and we'll see what I end up trying again in the future.


Davia said...

Learning new techniques is always fun. Thanks for sharing these. It looks like something worth experimenting with. I am looking forward to seeing your next creations.

vilterietje said...

lovely way of working:)
ps. love your bird in the hand!