Friday, February 11, 2011

Bird Signs - The Owl

For my birthday, I got a book entitled "Bird Signs - guidance and wisdom from our feathered friends" by G.G. Carbone.  The book comes with a set of 52 cards too. The idea is that you can chose a card a day for quick inspiration, one a week for more in depth consideration, or use the cards to resolve a problem in your life. Also, if a particular bird appears in your life, the book will tell you its meaning.

So I thought I'd choose a card this Friday and see what comes up for this next week.  I've spread the cards out and the idea is that I slowly pass my hand over the cards - without touching them and see if I feel heat from any of them.  Hmmm - seems a little odd to me - but I did it - and sure enough - one area did seem much warmer - so I investigated and the card I chose (or the card that chose me?) was the Owl.

Photos by Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel
Hmmm. Interestingly enough, the day I got these cards - the only other day I have tried this - I also got the owl!

Inspiration: Wisdom
Healing colors: Brown, white, yellow
Message: Wisdom provides the knowledge to discern the truth

Key characteristics of the owl are that they have excellent hearing and eyesight, and fly silently through the air.

The book suggests the following as an interpretation for the choosing the owl card:
Owls large eyes are on the front of their head - not on the sides like most birds - so they have binocular vision. And also night vision.  This suggests that maybe the owl wants me to see something that I'm not seeing clearly and discern the truth. 

Owls also fly silently so this suggests that I listen carefully for a sign that will guide me further in my path for wisdom.

I'll keep my owl card on my table for the week and see what I discern.  The "brown" as a healing color doesn't appeal to me...I hate brown...

Here are a couple of owls I've made in the past....maybe I need to find one to wear this week...

Bubo the flying owl - pull on the chain and his wings flap

Life's a hoot - a design I used for creating a step by step project for a magazine
Any wisdom from you?

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vilterietje said...

it's great to pck a card. my neighbour sometimes pickes an angelcard for me and believe it or not: the card always tells the truth!
my wisdom for this week is:
don't eat spicy food in the late evening, it keeps you from sleeping:)