Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Anyone can fall in love

I had a whole day in my new studio today!  What bliss! And with all that new space, I managed to work in silver clay, bronze clay, aluminum, and wax - all in one day!!  What a happy Ruthie!!!

Working in wax again was great. It is the first time I have tried it at home after learning about it in San Miguel. I bought all the kit - not much needed actually - and made something inspired by a piece of my jewelry.  Recognise anyone??? (hee, hee!!!)

Yes - it's "Anyone can fall in love". I thought it would be good to give "anyone" a try in wax! Not quite finished yet...a work in progress, but it went pretty fast.

It was a different type of wax than I'd tried before - a little softer and I liked it.  It meant I could do a little more with my fingers rather than just tools.

Happy Ruthie and Happy Anyone. :-D


Joy Funnell said...

Wow lovely, what size is it? Makes me want to try now!!

Joy x

Sue McNenly said...

Very sweet. I'm so reminded of MacKenzie Thorpe's sculptures with the large hearts...lovely.

vilterietje said...

well, i surely fell in love:)

Ruth said...

Sue, it was actually all the hearts in Mexico that made me want to make some. They had stores with nothing but big bright red hearts in them!! The colors were so vibrant - and it seemed they were everywhere. Just hearts - nothing on them.... They made you smile :-D

Ruth said...

Once you've finished your ceramics class Joy, you should give it a go. The dimensions are: The heart is 9 cm long by 8cm wide. Anyone is 7 cm tall and the overall height of the piece of anyone on the heart is 5cm.