Friday, February 4, 2011

Time to go home....

We fly back to California today.  It seems very strange. We have been in San Miguel for 7 weeks and before we left, were both apprehensive about being away from home for so long.

But we have truly loved it.  San Miguel De Allende is a wonderful town.  We have always felt so safe here - and within a very short amount of time, felt "at home".

We've tried so many new things from different classes, to horse riding, to new places, to acupuncture, to new foods, to different types of tequila, to...... We've enjoyed gorgeous sunny weather and met some wonderful people.

It is sad that it is coming to an end, but I know it'll also feel good to be home and I'll get to see Harold my parrot again!

Don't be put off by all the bad press Mexico has - there are some real treasures of towns here - well worth exploring. 

The photos today are collages of a few of my favorites photos from this trip.  I hope you've enjoyed following along with our adventure!  Somehow, I think we'll be back :-D


vilterietje said...

the great memories you can treasure the rest of your live, nobody can take them away from you:)

Patty Biermans said...

Its always good to have a beautiful memory, even if you don't go back, it will stay in your heart. Hugzz....Peebee