Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Studio!!!

Yippee-yi-ya!!  Today I started moving into my new studio!!!!

While we were in San Miguel and I was trying all these different media, we decided that we just had to get me some more space for my studio! It's well over time...and we've been trying to figure out how best to do it for ages now, as I've been expanding from my little attic room into other rooms and generally taking over lots of places. 

So we've jiggled some rooms around and now I have a much bigger space! And much more light.

Today was the tough day of moving things.  My "old" studio is accessed only by a little attic ladder. Just climbing up and down it is quite precarious but when you are trying to carry loads of things - it's is even more dodgy! Luckily, John, my hubby was around all day to help!!!  Let's hope he is tomorrow too :=D

I have more to move in tomorrow and need to buy another couple of work surfaces like you see in the above photo.  My goal is to have 4 work surfaces in total. One for metal clay and one for finishing jewelry (those are the ones shown above).  Then one for aluminum and one for wax sculpture and anything else I might try! Then there is a soldering space and a space for my photography. 

And my birdies began to move in too. They took a liking to a spot, just their size, by the window seat!

If you are in the neighbourhood tomorrow and feeling strong...do stop in! 


Mieko said...

Beautiful room! I love the seating area next to the bay window. :)

Barb Fernald said...

Oooh! I'm jealous of all that new space!! Though moving stinks. I hope it goes smoothly for you.
I have the tiniest of studios, but I do have 3 different work surfaces. Paper, metal clay, and beading/finishing. Then I have a room in the basement for soldering. It works and I'm grateful to have my own space whatever the size. Congratulations on your big beautiful new room.
For some reason I just got a flash of a very large bird of the week in the future...

Sue McNenly said...

How exciting this will be for you. Just open a door and walk in.....no climbing!!!:)

Vickie Hallmark said...

Looking good, Ruth! I can't believe you've been traipsing up and down an attic ladder all this time. You deserve this wonderful new space.

Marly and Angie said...

We can just picture you in your beautiful new space.
It will be awesome! Good luck with the rest of the move. Be careful going up and down that ladder!
It'll be so much fun to have space for all your new creative endeavors! Hooray! And now...what will the attic space become?

vilterietje said...

you lucky devil, enjoy:)