Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy New Studio

Well I'm all moved in  (apart from my books and magazines but I'm waiting to get some shelves first)!  However, I bought two new work stations yesterday so we assembled those today. They didn't have the same "platinum" color ones I had before so I went for white.

Remember these photos - as I can assure you, my studio will never look this tidy and clean again!!! Or maybe I will be lucky enough to have studio elves who come and clean up after me every night??? What do you think? Wouldn't that be great?

And it's a good job I'm all moved in, as I have lots of stuff to make.

Oh yes - and two little birdies took up home on the new white work stations! They can watch me do my aluminum and wax modelling.

Just a shame I am out all tomorrow morning so will have to wait until the afternoon to have my first play in there.  Wanna come and visit?  Yes, the work is done - now you can just come and play ;=D  Come soon before I mess it all up!!!


Anonymous said...

Love it! Looks like a great place to make incredible art jewelry.

I wish you the very best in your new space. Thanks for sharing it with us ;-)



Ruth said...

Thanks Tonya! Can't wait to get started in there. I have lots of new ideas in lots of different media. Now just need some time :=D

vilterietje said...

you will certainly enjoy your new working place, and it will be a joy to clean it after work:)

Zoe Nelson said...

Where did you get those tables? They're wonderful! And, do the wire drawers come with?

Ruth said...

The tables are from container store. And yes, the wire drawers are from there too - you use two legs plus a drawer set as the other legs. They work well - aren't the sturdiest things out there - but aren't expensive either.