Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekly Bird in the Hand

It's Saturday - back in Glen Ellen - and time for my weekly "bird in the hand" - the things I am grateful for:

My wax sculpture - soon to be bronze sculpture!
  • Having the opportunity to have our 7 week "sabatical" in San Miguel - and having such a wonderful time
  • Family who came to join us in San Miguel
  • The teachers whom I took classes with - Rita, Rae, Gerardo, Keith, Kris - and all the fun, all the new things I learned and the inspiration their classes gave me
  • The sunshine, flowers, food, colors, cobblestone streets, sunsets, rooftop gardens, burros, people of San Miguel
  • The two lovely homes we got to stay in - thanks Dennis and Kathrin, and Jay
  • New friends we made
  • Cassie my friend, who stayed in our home while we were away to take care of Harold, my pet parrot.  Thanks soooo much Cassie
  • Harold - for singing all day with me today to welcome me home
  • All the ducks, herons and egrets that are on the pond today to welcome us back
  • A wonderful birthday with many messages from friends all around the world
  • John's brother's carers/doctors/nurses at the hospital in England
We've had a wonderful time away and hope to bring some of what we loved about that trip back into our daily lives.  Now I'm looking forward to getting back into everything here - especially both my art and my singing, which starts again tomorrow.

Life is good! :=D  Hope it is for you too. xxx


vilterietje said...

it's good to be thankfull:)
wellruth, my husband is scottish too, born in glasgow and as a child he came to holland with his parents. we go back to scotland each year, i love it (and him too)
love, riet:)

My Computer Tutor said...

Welcome back Ruthie