Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pastures new

I'm heading off to Mexico tomorrow - for 6 weeks! I know - it does seem like a long time. But it's going to be busy.

We will be in San Miguel de Allende for that time - up in the mountains in a colonial town.  For most of the time, we will have family joining us. John's sons with their girlfriends will come for Xmas and New Year and then my parents will join us at the beginning of January.

In between all that, I plan to take some classes. I'm thinking - but this may change - of trying clay/ceramic sculpture! Yes, being able to sculpture things larger than an inch tall may actually be quite fun! I also have some new knitting patterns too...so who knows what will come about...and also some aluminum!

There are lot of classes happening in San Miguel so it's a time to learn, explore and play too!

While there is a little trepidation about us being gone for so long - we are also excited.  A friend is going to stay here and look after Harold for us so we don't have to worry about that.

I am taking a few silver birdies with me so will keep my stores open but limited and just see how it all goes!

I'll keep blogging and let you know what fun things I'm trying. I hope you'll keep reading.

I made the cuff shown in the photos here as a commission for a wonderful customer in France.  Yes- she requested purples and pinks!!! I'm afraid the photos look more blue than purple - why is it that purple is such a difficult color to photograph?


Cory said...

The cuff is beautiful...love the colors.

Ruth said...

Thanks Cory. Glad you like it. Enjoyed looking at your blogs.