Thursday, December 16, 2010

Milliners on Etsy

I arrived in Mexico late last night - actually early hours of today.  Just unpacked and ready to get out there!!!

But before I head out, I wanted to let you know about Jennifer. Remember Jennifer who was my guest blogger for a while and wrote  "Mondays Millinery Musings" about her Millinery work ( and lots of other things too!)?  Well, she and other Etsy milliners are featured in a great article on Etsy Storque blog post this week. 

She is part of "Milliners on Etsy"  - an Etsy Team - and they created a challenge for themselves that mimicked a Project Runway challenge.  They had to create a hat inspired by a garment or fabric they found on Etsy.

This photo shows the dress that Jennifer chose and the hat that she made. Doesn't it look fabulous and I love the way she picked up the pin tucks in the dress and reflected them in the hat.

Well done Jennifer. How great to get that good exposure!

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