Friday, December 3, 2010

Jumping jack necklaces

Here are a couple of my jumping jack necklaces - particularly suitable for this wintery season!

First there is Jack the snowman who is so happy that he just wants to jump up and down. However, he is a little unfit so he needs a helping hand. If you pull on the blue thread, his arms and legs go up and down! What a happy snowman Jack is.

And secondly, there is Pete the penguin. As you know, penguins can't fly, so when you pull on the little fish, either one wing or the other goes up but he just can't seem to take off!  But he does try hard!  One time you'll pull on the fish and his right wing goes up, then he'll try with his left wing, but he just has to adjust to the fact that he can't fly - even with a little help.


He looks as though he is waving to you instead however!!!

Hope my little friends make you happy!

1 comment:

vilterietje said...

i love it, very special and humoristic! love, riet:)