Friday, December 10, 2010

Last day to mail to Europe for delivery for Christmas

Phew! Last day of mailing to Europe today - or so the US postal service says.  If you speak to them in person, they do say that Monday will be fine too - however in my experience, it depends what country you live in.  Any delay, I find, tends to be customs officers rather than the postal service.  I know that in Germany, they tend to look at every package sent and at this time of year, get backlogged and so there are delays.  But other countries seem to only select a few packages to inspect.

So it's been a busy week getting those last orders shipped, with people buying right up to the last day.  Busy in a good way :-D  It's great to get all those sales.  This past week, I've sent lots off to Germany, a few to France and one to Switzerland.  The postal lady reckons I have 'cult following' Germany and I reckon over 80% of my work is sold there. I'll have to do a tally of my sales this year and see how the percentages work out across countries. 

Fingers crossed that all the packages get there in time for Christmas.

You know I've been quite purple-ish lately - especially after my trip back to England where everyone is wearing purple - all the time!!! So I had to do a new style cuff in purple - with a little bit of pink too!

It was my sister's birthday last month - she lives in England.  I think every birthday present she got was purple....and of course they all match her new purple glasses!

This cuff is like the "adrift at sea" cuff in that the same dyeing technique was used. This one is a little wider however.

It makes me happy to be working in color.

Hope you've got all your packages sent off!


crafts@home said...

I love the purple bangle, but then I am from England :)

Ruth said...

Ha! I think I need to put it up for sale on a British website!! :-D

Anonymous said...

Or just post it to your sister immediately!