Thursday, December 2, 2010

Follow your heart or hold on to love?

Here's another piece I just made for a German customer.

I have made it before and can never decide whether it should be called "hold onto love" or "follow your heart". I think follow your heart has a more positive sense to it...but then I also think the name changes depending on which direction the figure is facing.  If he's facing right - it seems like he is following but if he faces left it seems like he is holding!

What do you think? 

And are you following your heart or holding onto love right now ???


vilterietje said...

i would always name it: follow your heart! you can't always hold on to love, but you can always follow your heart. love, riet:)

Patty Biermans said...

I think you're correct. Because of the shape of the heart it has two directions. You are very good, girl :-). Like your work very much.
Hugz... Peebee

Joy Funnell said...

Another great piece. I like both names. Makes me think

Love Will Carry You Through.

Joy x

Jennifer said...

Is there a difference? Love leads, we follow.

I love this piece on love.

xo Jennifer

Ruth said...

Thanks for your comments my dears. I like what you said Riet that you can't always hold on to love but you can always follow your heart.

I like Love will carry you through as well Joy.

And yes - love leads, we follow. We get swept up in it which is also what I wanted to convey in the piece. Maybe it could also be "anyone can be swept off their feet in love"! A little too long I think. Hope you all are following your heart!