Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday's Spotlight - Farewell


Slowly but surely Lincoln is recovering from the unusually harsh spell of weather that it has been experiencing,  The prophets of DOOM - namely the weather forecasters - tell us that the snow is due to return this coming week and we're also informed that if this happens then this December looks like being the worse one for 120 years.  Not the sort of record you really want to be part of!


The City Council are in the process of paying back to the stallholders of the cancelled Christmas Market the deposits they paid for their stall pitches.  However the real problem is that the stall holders and shop keepers in the city have bought in stock specifically for the Market - much of it with a Christmas theme as well - and their chances of selling that stock in the foreseeable future are now very small.  In all the city suffered the loss of 100,000 visitors.  Pam and I know two ladies who run a cake and icing shop in the city.  A few years ago they bought  in 1,000 Christmas cakes to sell from their stall and, basically, decorated each one of them.  If they had had a stall this year and it had been cancelled then that could have meant a considerable financial loss and might even have resulted in the end of their small business.

Last Saturday some 30+ "would-be" stall holders hired a hall in the city and for six or seven hours were able to sell some of their stock, even though it was nothing compared to what they would have sold over the four days of the real Christmas Market.  A few stallholders are trying the same thing as I write this blog on Saturday afternoon.

For the past few years Lincoln has had an ice rink in the city centre for the Christmas and New Year period.  I have seen it this year about three times and the most skaters I have seen using it at any one of those times has been only 3!  It's more slippery outside the rink that it is on the rink!


The photos this week are non wintery!  They show two of my favourite photographic techniques - kaleidoscopes and Topaz.


I have been writing this blog for each Sunday for just over two years now and I feel that the time has come for me to retire my highly temperamental computer and myself from the blog scene of .  I have enjoyed this weekly spot recording, mainly, the comings and goings of Lincoln and Lincolnshire.


I thank all those who have read this blog and also those readers who have made comments from time to time.  So, I take this opportunity of wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a bright new 2011.  Finally, my thanks go to Ruth for putting up with her dad's ramblings.


vilterietje said...

well peter, although i regret you retiring from writing, i thank you for all the happy moments you gave me. I whish you all the best and please ask your daughter to mention every now and than how peter is doing. love, riet:)

Sue McNenly said...

Oh Ruth! Tell your Dad he will be missed! Is he retiring in order to devote more time to planning the Royal Wedding?:) The posting actually made me feel closer to my Dylan, so far away.

Ruth said...

Thanks Riet and Sue. I know, I'll have to keep a closer eye on my dad's flickr site now to see what he is photographing, instead of getting to see them through the blog.

And I'm sure you are right Sue. It must be the royal wedding - he's just too embarrassed to tell us! Will Dylan and her boyfriend be going??

I hope you have fun with D's other half staying with you!