Thursday, December 30, 2010

More New Year traditions

Following on from yesterday's "eat 12 grapes with your champagne toast for good luck in the new year", you may have read as a comment on yesterday's blog, that my friend Lorena from Mexico added another local tradition for New Year so, along with hers, I thought I'd share a few more for you to consider!

The first involves underwear! The ritual is that underwear that is worn on the last night of the year must be new and given to you by someone else.  The color should be red to attract love and passion, and yellow to attract money and success.  You can indeed where both red and yellow underwear to attract it all!

And as Lorena mentioned as a comment on yesterday's blog, if you want to travel in the New Year, you should keep a couple of suitcases ready at the door of your house, stuffed with clothing. In the first few minutes of the year, take them out of your house and walk them as far as you can, to attract lots of trips in the new year.

Photo by malias
A couple more:
  • eat at least a tablespoon on lentils to attract wealth and prosperity in every way, especially for a business; 
  • with a broom, open the door and sweep out the bad vibes and let the good vibes come in; 
  • have a lot of coins and money on hand that you can count when the clock strikes midnight which will bring you a lot of wealth.  Some place it in their shoe to bring more prosperity!
So what are you wishing for in the New Year?  Do you need to get someone to buy you some new underwear tomorrow or will you be packing your suitcase???

Whatever your hopes and dreams,  enjoy making them come true!

I posted my 365th blog post yesterday! Phew - a full year's worth! and two extra - this one and tomorrow's! Thanks for reading and sharing my year with me!


Lore said...

I have done almost all of these traditions !! ;D

Ruth said...

We did the grapes last night and Craig and Chui also did the suitcases as they left this morning! They didn't take them far, but at least they went out the door. Hope your celebrations were fun. We so enjoyed being in Mexico for our NYear. Happy 2011 Lorena.