Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday's Movie - The Snowman

Do you remember "The Snowman" by Raymond Briggs?  It is a beautiful book and then also was made into a movie.  It is wordless, apart from one song "I'm walking in the air" sung originally by Peter Aut, a young St Paul's cathedral chorister. 

The book/movie tells the story of a little boy who built a snowman one winter's day and then at the strike of 12 that night, the snowman came to life.

The first part is about the boy showing the snowman all about his house and how to work the appliances etc...and in the second half, the snowman takes to flight with the boy and they fly over parts of England, past lots of animals and over the ocean....seeing the Aurora Borealis and eventually meet up with Father Christmas.  But I'll not tell you anymore...You'll have to watch for yourself.

It brings back nice memories for me.  Here's the first part of the movie and I'll embed the rest another day.

In case you don't have 10 minutes to watch the first installment - here's just the song and it'll give you a taste of what the movie is about and maybe you will find time in this busy part of the year to watch it.

I don't think the book nor movie were released in the US. Any American's familiar with it? And what about Europe?   Do you remember it?


crafts@home said...

I have a 1st edition of the book, We watched it every Christmas until they didn't show it anymore, I have a mug, I am totally in love with the snowman, we even had the record..... One of my Art college tutors knew the author personally, we have some of his other books as well.

Sue McNenly said...

Oh my goodness Ruth. I used to watch that with Dylan and Mat when they were young. Dylan rates the 'Snowman Song' as " creepy as the headless child painting in the living room":) Mat came upstairs just as I was reading your post, and when I told him it was about The Snowman he got a frightened look on his face (at the age of 18!):)

vilterietje said...

never seen or heaurt about the movie here in holland. abeautifull animation!
love, riet:)