Monday, December 13, 2010

T'is the season...

by guest bloggers Marly and Angie of STUDiO 28

Ah...t'is arrived...the season of shoveling snow here in southwestern Ontario...

We received a generous "donation" of snow last night and the temperatures have dropped also.
Brrr...time to embrace the winter!

As the season for bundling up and keeping warm is upon us, it is a good time to reflect upon what we are grateful for here in our winter wonderland:

Warm winter coats and boots for enjoying winter walks
Colourful socks to keep our feet warm
Fun hats, scarves and mittens to add a burst of colour to our "whitened" world
Well-designed snow shovels to shovel with and keep your back intact
Local library to get out great books, movies and music to enjoy through the long winter months
A cozy fireplace in the studio to gaze at while we create
Great local food coop to get delicious veggies from to make yummy soups and stews
A wonderful community that supports our artistic endeavours
Time for get-togethers and celebrations as the holidays approach
Thinking of good friends and family near and far...

Hope you are also enjoying this time of year!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all of you, from us, Marly and Angie,
at STUDiO 28!


Sue McNenly said...

Hi guys...hope you are well and that your studio open house/show went well. It was so nice to see you at Hitherfield. We must get together soon....and, no, I don't mean that in the superficial 'yeah, let's get together (not)' way:)

Sue McNenly

Marly Penner said...

Hi Sue,
Yes, it would be fun to get together and hear all about your One of a Kind adventure this year. Just wish you were close enough, Ruth, so we could all get together again. That was SO much fun in summer! Keep in touch, Sue and we'll make some plans!
Marly and Angie