Thursday, December 9, 2010

Aluminum cuff - Apple Martini!

Here's another new color anodized aluminum cuff.


I'm been trying to think of a name for it - but for some reason, it just makes me think of a cocktail! In fact a martini - but I'm not sure why!!! 

Funny isn't it! I look at it and think " Martini!" - and I'm not a martini drinker - only rarely!!!  Hmmm. I think it must be an Apple Martini.  What do you think?

I love the thickness of the aluminum - it makes from a strong bangle that doesn't lose it's shape but is comfortable to wear.

Anyhow - "cheers"! It's cocktail hour here! Now what should I have???


vilterietje said...

martini with lots of icecubes!
love, riet:)

Barb Fernald said...

I LOVE how this cuff looks. Are you selling these? Do you have to worry about scratching this finish while wearing the cuff? With the high price of metal clay, lately, we will all be looking for successful alternative outlets for our creativity. These cuffs do it!

Ruth said...

Cheers Riet! But I'm not a big fan of ice!! Must be the British in me :=D

Thanks Barb. Glad you like it. Good question. The process of coloring anodized aluminum means that the color enters the "pores" of the aluminum. When it is then sealed it becomes part of a layer of the metal rather than just a surface color. So wear and tear of the cuff doesn't affect the surface and color. It's tough!

I'm really enjoying getting into it the different dyeing and colouring processes.

I appreciate the feedback. Always good but especially when I try new things.