Saturday, April 24, 2010

What's (Gluten Free) Baking Today?

I'm doing a little gluten free baking today - and trying a new bread recipe.

If you've never tried gluten free bread before - I suggest keeping  it that way.  Typically it isn't very good but I'm on a mission to find a good recipe for myself that can be made relatively quickly.

At the moment the dough is rising by the Aga (my cooker).....

and I'll bake it in a couple of hours or so....... Fingers crossed it'll turn out better than most GF loaves.

I made a couple of gluten free tarts recently that turned out well.  Here is the slow roasted tomato and gruyere tart:

And the even yummier souffled crab and asparagus tart:

If you have any wonderful gluten free baking recipes - especially bread that is tasty - I'd love you to share them with me.....

I'll let you know how this bread recipe turns out.... Enjoy your day and eat some yummy food!

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Rebekah said...

My husband has several members of his family with Celiac. His cousin has a Gluten Free Business. She makes amazing gluten free food. She even has a cookbook! You should check out her website