Thursday, April 29, 2010

2nd unusual bird sighting in Glen Ellen

As I mentioned yesterday, I wanted to show you the second rare bird sighting I've had this week here at Birdland.  Thanks Jennifer for your help yesterday in the identification.  You are a sharp-eyed woman!

So here is the other bird recently sighted in the vineyard:

Look at the bill on it!  Just amazing.  But still I'm undecided as to what it is.

I'm thinking its either a female Greater Billed Gobbler or the Dopey-eyed Billasaurus...

He/she has very distinctive markings on the chest - but I'm afraid I couldn't quite catch those in the maybe its a Chest-barred Chirper?

What do you think?  And yes - the two birds even came close together - as you can see here!

 And the large billed bird was busy nest building

 I think they quite like each other.....

So get those bird books out and help me identify these birdies!  Thanks, in advance, for your help!  I'll keep you posted of their activity........

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