Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Master Muse Projects

I'm busy working on my next master muse project.  It's just finishing up in the kiln as I type and then the fun begins!  I need to send it in this week, so hopefully I'll finish it tomorrow and can then get on with writing up the step by step project.

I hope you've been checking out what the other muses have been doing.  Vickie Hallmark last week showed a ring for the torch fired enamels challenge, using enamelling on a copper disc. 

 Photo by Drew Davidson
The previous week was Barbara Becker Simon who had the same challenge as Vickie and made a colorful pendant.

Photo by Drew Davidson

A new project will go up on Tonya's blog site tomorrow - be sure to have a look.  I'll let you know when my next one is coming up.  Luckily for me it's not on torch firing enamels, as I've no idea how to do that!  Guess I'll have to get one of the tutorials and learn!!!

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