Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sonoma International Film Festival

We are at the Sonoma Film Festival this weekend!  Spent a full day watching movies yesterday and today is going to be similar hard work!!!

We love this festival and go every year.   It's all in walking distance of the town of Sonoma and glasses of wine and nibbles keep you going between the movies.  All the films are independent movies - and it's great to see what people can create - sometimes with practically zero budget.

Yesterday I particularly enjoyed "Outsourced" which is about an American online catalog company that outsources it's call center to near Mumbai, India and sends the American manager to train and coach the new workers in American ways!  There aren't really any big surprises in the plot - but it is a funny and sweet movie!

My other favorite yesterday was "The elephant in the living room" which is a documentary about exotic animals being kept as pets in the US.  A lot of the film focuses on this one man who keeps 2 African lions - which then have four cubs!  Gosh - quite an eye-opening and balanced movie - and sad and tragic at times.  There was a Q & A session afterwards with the producer and that was great too to hear some of the background and what happened next.

Today I'm looking forward to seeing "Bomber" - I practically cried at just the trailer for this one - and do love sad movies - although this one seems to have humor in it too - so hoping it'll be a goodie!

I'll let you know if there are any that shouldn't be missed!  But time to head to the movies now!

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