Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Unusual bird sighting in Glen Ellen

Springtime is definitely bringing the birds to Birdland!

Just today I've spotted two birds that I'm having trouble identifying.  I'm hoping you can help.  Please circulate the photos to see if your family and friends and any other birdwatchers out there can help identify the species.

Here's today's bird:

I'm thinking it could be the male Sharp-eyed Shufflerasis

or maybe a juvenile Lesser Flapasaurus

Or maybe it's the rare Bog-eyed Bugeater?

Any ideas?  Get your bird books out and see what you think!

I'll post photos of the other bird tomorrow so even if you can't figure out today's - be sure to come back tomorrow and see if you can help....please!


Jennifer said...

Oh, Ruth! I've only read about these and now here is one for all of us to see! In my bird book, "Birding for the Near-Sighted", this bird is none other than the Stunt-Tailed Bi-Winged Chanicleet (male, of course, note the bug eyes which are a pre-nesting spring occurance). These are very rare and only appear occasionally in Glen Ellen, California. Excellent spotting, Ruth! Well done!

Natasha said...

That little guy is so cute! Kodus to your crafting.

Ruth said...

Ah Jennifer. I'd forgotten to check the "Birding for Near Sighting" field guide! Of course - I see the Stunt-tailed Bi-winger Chanticleet in there and I think you are correct! It's just amazing that their eyes diminish to the size of pin pricks after they've built their nest. I'll have to keep my eyes out in a couple of weeks to see if I can see him again. and what if there are babes? Everyone will want to come to Glen Ellen??? Oh...oh....