Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Doug the dog meets a Sloughi

I recently had a commission to make a charm like Doug the dog, but to make a few changes like:
  • add longer legs, 
  • add a longer tail, 
  • keep the same cute smile,
  • add a collar and chain,
  • add foldy over ears
The lady has a Sloughi dog and while she said it didn't have to look just like that - she wanted these little changes yet still maintaining the humor/whimsy that Doug has.

I just finished her doggie today. His name is Johann after Johann Sebastian Bach (as in bark!!!..... thanks Caulie!)  and that'll work out fine as he's going to live in Germany!  He's not as sleek and slim as a Sloughi but I think she'll like him.

Here's his smiling face

The essence of Sloughi in Doug!   He is to go on a leather and silver bracelet that she has which is why she wants it on a chain rather than just a jump ring.

I think he looks cute!  I'd never heard of a Sloughi dog before and not sure how you pronounce it - but they look pretty handsome!

Anyone got a Sloughi?


Joy Funnell said...

Never heard of them either but Johann is just sooo cute. Love him.

My Computer Tutor said...

Glad you worked Bach out at last!