Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Art of Silliness!

Hot from finishing up 30 pairs of earrings in 2 months for the Month of Earrings Challenge, I went straight into another challenge - this time - no jewelry!

I've joined in the Art of Silliness class - where the challenge is to draw for 10 minutes every day.  The class is led by Carla Sonheim - and if you feel like joining in - you still can....just think what wonderful silly things you can draw in 10 minutes a day.  Here is the link to her blog with the class info.

Our first worksheet
Every day, Carla puts up a pdf worksheet for the day and you join in the fun. You can then upload your silliness to the class flickr group ....and there is a blog too with fun updates and ideas.

Day 1 worksheet - My "zillion times" birds drawn with my non-dominant hand (right hand) and some also with my eyes closed! I think quite a few look like fish or seahorses or...but then it looked like Quentin Quail turned up in a couple of them where the lines didn't join up!
It seems a great class to follow on from my Quentin Blake drawing book that I was doing and blogged about a while ago....just the same sort of no-pressure, don't have to be good/perfect - just have fun!

My friend Jennifer told me about the class as she took a workshop with Carla at the recent Artfest.  Maybe she'll share some of her silliness too????

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