Monday, April 12, 2010

Business Matters - NeatReceipts

I've just started a couple of new ways to keep track and monitor my business accounts.  I like them both a lot, so thought I'd share them with you here.

First up is NeatReceipts. Basically it's a small mobile scanner and software that reads what is scanned.  So all you do is put your receipt in the scanner, press the button, brrrrrrrrrrrr it goes through and the key information is extracted and automatically entered into an easy-to-use database.

I feed in my post office receipts to keep track of shipping charges, and all other receipts that I don't pay for on Paypal (I use a different system for Paypal which I'll tell you about another day!).

With NeatReceipts you can:
  • manipulate the database and sort in a variety of ways to produce reports and searchable pdf documents.
  • use it on both windows and mac
  • export data to Excel or Quicken
  • assign tax categories to receipts and keep digital copies for tax records(accepted by the IRS)
  • create expense reports
  • use it for either business or household expenses
  • use just the scanning software and data filing system if you currently own a compatible scanner
The scanner is small and "neat" so you can take it with you on business trips if you do that sort of thing.  It is powered by a USB connection so can just go into your laptop and before you are home, you can have a report of your expenses.

I like it.  Before I just kept everything in a drawer and year end had to go through it all. Now, it's much more manageable.  The system is quick, and also kind of fun - which encourages me to do it! 

Occasionally when the receipt is difficult to read, you have to enter some of the data manually into the database. 

Anyhow, a few people recommended it from the Etsy Metal Clay team and I'm happy I gave it a go. Maybe it'll work for you?  Or do you use something else that you like?  Let us know ...


Sue McNenly said...

How wonderful. I'm looking into it right now! Thanks so much for the tip!!! I do love me a good gadget, and I know what you mean about it being fun so you'll do it.


Carol B said...

I love that! It would make it so much easier to organize receipts as we go through the year. Thanks for the info!