Friday, April 16, 2010

Oscar the Osprey finds Harold! - Friday's fascinations, facts and folklore

When we lived on Sanibel Island in FL, before moving to California, there were loads of ospreys to be seen. We even had them nesting in our garden and it was lovely to watch them. 

Soon after moving to Sanibel, I wrote a children's short story - never did anything with it, but it was all about Oscar the Osprey and Harold our pet parrot.  I was inspired to write it because shortly after moving there, Harold was on top of his cage in the screened porch area one day and a large osprey flew over the screen roof, very close to Harold's cage!  Poor little Harold was scared with this large shadow overhead and fell off his perch onto the floor! 

And so - I wrote this little story about how scary it is to move to a new place and not have any friends and how to make friends etc.  Yes, as you can imagine, Oscar and Harold became fine friends in the story.

Well yesterday, I saw that Oscar had come to see Harold - all the way from Florida!  I looked out of the window and there was Oscar on top of our willow tree by the pond!  He was looking as handsome as ever, perched right on the top.  After getting my camera and taking a few shots,  I, of course, told Harold he was here to see him!  Naturally Harold was very excited....but I can't tell you the rest because maybe that will be another little story one day!  The further adventures of Harold and Oscar - all about how to stay in touch with your friends not matter how far away you live!!

Oscar looks like he's had too much fun with Harold here - and is taking a little nap!!

What stories are happening around you today?

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