Thursday, April 1, 2010

Month of Earrings Challenge Finished

Yeah! The month of earrings challenge has finished and I completed it!

The goal was - starting February 1st, to make 30 pairs of earrings by April 1st - that averages out as making one earring a day!

Here are all the earrings - and the link to my Month of Earrings Set on Flickr for a closer look at all 30 pairs and the Month of Earrings Challenge Group on Flickr where you can see everyone who took part.

Here is a breakdown of the earrings:

A. Materials used:

  • 19 were made of (at least in part) silver clay
  • 2 were made of bronze clay
  • 8 were made of hand colored anodized aluminum
  • 2 were made of (at least in part) polymer clay
  • 1  included resin

 Garden Seat
 B. Subjects created:
  • 8 were birds
  • 7 were animals
  • 8 were flowers/trees
  • 4 were patterns/shapes
  • 1 was cooking utensils
  • 1 was toys
  • 1 was "anyone can" figures

C: Types of earrings
  • 26 pairs utilized ear wires
  • 3 pairs utilized ear threads
  • 1 pair utilized ear posts/studs
 Break out of your shell
D: Mirrored pairs
  • i5 pairs were roughly mirror images between each earrings
  • 15 pairs were not intended to be mirror/matching earrings but each one with it's own character!
 My achievements from the challenge:
  1. created 30 pairs of earrings in 2 months
  2. created 2 new series of earrings - a) dangly leg animals and b) hand colored anodized earrings
  3. initiated another caption competition from my dangly leg birds
  4. tried a new media - coloring anodized aluminum
  5. tried a new media - polymer clay
  6. initiated a poll on my blog which got lots of votes for the next species of choice for a dangly leg animal.  The octopus was selected and they ended up being Nate and Kate, my #30 pair of earrings.
  7. Saw lots of other great earrings through other members of the group
  8. Got to know the work of some new jewelry artists who were also in the challenge
Flowers feed the soul

My favorite of all the 30 I made are Humphrey and Trisha - and I wear them a lot. Next favorite are Nate and Kate.

Humphrey and Trisha Lovebirds
If I did it again, I think I'd work on trying more styles of earrings, using less ear wires!

The whole challenge idea was Vicki Hallmark's with some encouragement from a few of us.  So thanks Vicki. As you can tell - I got a lot from it and loved it!

So do you have a favorite of the 30 pairs?

I start a new challenge today too....a very different one......but more of that later!


PeculiarForest said...

cool! Is this one going again? Id like to do something like this or another challenge.

Vickie Hallmark said...

Congratulations, Ruth! I enjoyed your contributions to the challenge immensely. My favorites were the colored, anodized aluminum bird earrings. Feels a little bit sacrilegious to not pick metal clay, but there you are.

Ruth said...

Hi Lou. I'm afraid the challenge is finished now but I'll let you know if others come up. If you look at my Saturday blog post this week, you'll see that I've started a drawing challenge this month instead!

Hi Vickie. It's encouraging that you liked the aluminum birds as it was a new media for me. I just sold both pairs actually from someone seeing them on the challenge. Maybe it means I should do some more :-D